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Development Committee

Vernon Lawrence, chair

Accomplishments for 2018

  • Continued receiving support from Community Partners that are funding various community events
  • Increased collection membership dues
  • Increased membership dues rate for 2018-19
  • Prepared a sponsorship package to be distributed in 2019
  • Successfully sold ad space for 2018 Report to the Community booklet

Major Goals for 2019

  • Distribution of Sponsorship Package requests from the CSC membership to possible donors
  • Hiring a Director of Development to:
    • Establish and oversee fundraising opportunities and events
    • Seek private/public grants for specific programs and organizational sustainability
    • Create and maintain development database of current donors, sup-porters and prospects
    • Centralize sponsorships to all CSC sponsored events
  • Continue to use different platforms for funding
  • CSC will continue to be a convener and community resource that brings other community groups together

Youth Committee

Councilwoman Judy Ward, chair

Accomplishments for 2018

  • “Teen Summit” held at Stockton University with six area invited schools
  • Summer Photography Program included a field trip to the ROC (Regional Operational Intelligence Center) in Ewing NJ and a Cookout at Egg Har-bor City Lake
  • CSC Youth expanded from original two high schools to eight schools, get-ting us closed to the county-wide goal
  • AtlantiCare is participating and being very supportive along with sharing grant opportunities that become available

Major Goals for 2019

  • Host a 3rd Teen Summit
  • Continue CSC Summer Photography Program
  • Have the CSC Youth work closely with Ideal Institute of Technology to be further introduced to technology while learning dangers of social media and giving them ability to enhance Coalition to match what they envision

Advocacy Committee

Councilman Kaleem Shabazz, chair

Accomplishments for 2018

  • Completed 10 Community Walks in Atlantic City
  • Saw a significant increase in the number of agencies that participated in the Community Walks
  • Partnered with State Attorney Generals Office in August on a Community Walk, that included Clergy, Community Leaders, Politicians and Attorney General Gurbir S. Grewal
  • Expanded Community Walks to include community agencies and a Movie Night for the youth of Atlantic City
  • Expanded Community Walks to both Pleasantville and EHC

Major Goals for 2019

  • To expand Walks into other areas of Atlantic City, including requests from other districts and city council members
  • Implement survey on police/community conduct in targeted areas
  • Continue community walks from May to September 2019
  • Implement "Community Talks" in the wintertime as a continuation of the Community Walks
  • Facilitate two Community Cookouts in conjunction with Community Walks
  • Increase the numbers of participants that attend the Community Walks

Faith-Based Committee

Bishop Dr. R. Fulton Hargrove II, chair

Accomplishments for 2018

  • Community Resource Centers (4 in AC, 2 in Pleasantville) identify and address community needs in all wards of AC, and North & South sides of Pleasantville; be-gan communication to establish CRC in Galloway and EHC
  • ACPD installed two female Police Chaplains (one is bilingual) to continue increas-ing diversity and better serve community; Chaplains taught Law Enforcement Against Drugs (LEAD) and participated in Anti-Bullying campaign in local elemen-tary schools; Pleasantville PD has reestablished it Chaplain’s program inclusive of a local pastor serving as liaison between Chief and Chaplains
  • Saving Our Sons (SOS) is a collaboration with BSA Jersey Shore Council, under their ScoutReach program where youth from AC, Pleasantville, Ocean City, Mays Landing and Mizpah are able to participate for free. This year we increased by 60 boys and are now serving approximately 480 boys. A number of trips were held in 2018:Fifty boys traveled to National Museum of African American Heritage; 100 boys went to Great Adventure for day of fun; we sponsored summer camp for 50 Cub Scouts in Egg Harbor City and 20 Boy Scouts at camp Citta in Ocean County. Fundraising continues to expand youth participation in the SOS program.

Major Goals for 2019

  • Reestablish scouting in the Marina district
  • Establish community resource centers and Police Chaplains with our west-ern partners
  • Increase and diversify our Faith-Based Committee

External Communications Committee

Anne Baker, Chair

Accomplishments for 2018

  • Expanded publicity for CSC community events from placement on the“Hometown Page” and articles in The Press of Atlantic City, to helping push the “ShotSpotter” technology in Pleasantville, which was accepted by their citizens for use their city in the November election
  • Actively provided publicity for CSC efforts throughout county, with each group showing their citizens programs ranging from Farm to Fork, Police & Community get-togethers, Neighborhood Walks and Clean-ups, and more
  • Served as link for information forwarded from Coalition partners and sent to Ren Parikh at Ideal Technology, who updated our Facebook/websites with latest CSC events. Ren has brought focus on Coalition with videos taken of several members of our Coalition/Board, and videos of our AC Walks and other CSC events, putting them on our various social media outlets
  • Began using teleconferencing to bring members of different committees together to exchange ideas while saving working volunteer members from having to travel in the evenings for these meetings

Major Goal for 2019

  • Bring more Coalition information to clubs, local organizations, and neigh-borhood groups through outreach by addressing their membership at meet-ings, and by inviting those members into activities of the Coalition in order to spread our mission of peace between police and local neighborhoods

Programs Committee

Dewane Parker, chair

Accomplishments for 2018

  • Held two Agency Community Awareness Days in Pleasantville and EHC The purpose for Community Awareness Days is to assist and work with resi-dents of communities who have specific needs, issues and concerns, and link them to best agencies to assist in those needs. The objective is to also bring those agencies directly into the communities in need
    • In Pleasantville we partnered with their community walk during the summer, assisting over 150 residents with food, fun and educational materials
    • In Egg Harbor City, we collaborated with their "Festival of Hope" event in De-cember at the Egg Harbor City Community School, partnering with local agen-cies on supportive services for youth and families

Major Goals for 2019

  • Establish stronger partnerships with Atlantic County agencies
  • Facilitate a symposium addressing Diversity and how it effects education, healthcare, employment and the criminal justice system
  • Conduct two more Community Awareness Days: Atlantic City and Galloway
  • Continue throughout the year to bring Coalition partners, agencies and the community together to identify and assist those that are most in need
  • Continue to facilitate forums and symposiums that support the efforts of our citizens in taking ownership and leadership in their local government

Rebuilding Lives for a New Beginning

Ernestine Smith, CSC Vice Chair

Accomplishments for 2018

  • In Partnership with Mt. Zion Baptist Church and Pastor Willie Francois III, along with Justice Project Committee (Bruce Davenport, Tony Davenport, Dave Hammonds, Dana Palmer, Beth Williams & acting members Steph-anie Davenport and Bill Simmons), the Mt. Zion Justice Project combats injustice by raising the awareness of the public, advocating policy re-form, creating concrete solutions and building broad coalitions.
  • The Rebuilding Lives Forum focuses on improving our community one person at a time.We are redesigning our purpose; we are stretching out to local communities; we are meeting the needs of those who are unable to provide for themselves.There are people in our community who were helped through the following resources:
  • We also accomplished an Expungement Training in Partnership with St. Paul AME Church and Jill Houck of the Superior Court, and provided an opportunity for one of Mt. Zion's Church member to participate in a Para-legal Internship at the Superior Court Facility

Major Goals for 2019

  • Expungement Event will be held March 8th; doors open at 9:30 am and we will close at 6:00 pm (Mt Zion Baptist Church in WINSAN Ctr)
  • Flyers will be distributed in Spanish and English to local schools and churches, and on Mt Zion's website to reach all stakeholders
  • We have a joint partnership with Police Chaplains in the Pleasantville Police Department. The Chaplains will help us reach Latino families who may need some of the services being provided.
  • New event will focus on Immigration Process and take place in June