Coalition for a Safe Community

Atlantic County

    Accomplishments Continued


    Faith Based Committee

    Rev. Robert Fulton Hargrove,II Th.d, chair
    Elder Delores Jones, BSW and Gloria Hamlett, BSW, assistants

    Major Accomplishments 2014

    jim mclain shrunkAtlantic Country Prosecutor Jim McClain at Law Enforcement ExpoThe Comprehensive Plan approved by the Board state that the objectives of theDevelopment Committee are to:

    • Develop and utilize partnerships and resources to implement the activities of the organization.
    • Research and apply for funding and volunteer resources to implement the activities of the organization (Research nationally the best practices and success models for services to at-risk youth).
    • Funding from CRDA, and other community partners for Learn to Earn Computer Classes.
    • Increased percentage rate of membership.
    • Numerous Community Partners have again generously helped to fund or provide in-kind support for our community events.

    Major Goals for 2015

    • Create a Development and Resource fundraising prospect list with help from the current trustees and members and their contacts.
    • Identifying donors to the CSC sponsored events and encourage all donations in the future be paid directly to the CSC for distribution.
    • Seek 2 private or public grants for specific work/services.
    • CSC will continue to be a convener and community resource that brings other community groups together.

    Programs Comittee

    Dewane Parker, chair

    bailey dudleySara Bailey and David Dudley listen to students in CSC workshopsMajor Accomplishments 2014:

    • Joined with the City Pleasantville for "Stop the Violence Cookouts", the first of which was held in June, 2014.
    • Community activities have substantially increased communications between law enforcement and residents.

    Major Goals for 2015:

    • To host 4 quarterly symposiums every year.
    • Hold a Community Resource Fair to help identify and promote community resources available through law enforcement and local agencies.
    • Increase positive communication among neighbors to negate turf/ neighborhood battles.
    • Promote responsible fatherhood initiatives to help men build stronger and more productive relationships with their children.
    • Educate students in anti- bullying strategies with an increased focus on current bullying issues, such as sexting and cyberbullying.

    National Night Out Atlantic City/ Pleasantvilleed dixonEd Dixon, Director of NJ Homeland Security, Mayor Don Guardian, and Kaleem Shabazz paricipate in a Public Safety Expo

    Ernestine Smith, chair
    Officer Robert Berg, AC Police, coordinator
    Ron Lewis, Pleasantville Housing Authority, Coordinator

    An annual program hosted by the Coaltion and Atlantic City and Pleasantville Police Departments to provide law enforcement with opportunities to positively interact with residents to educate and promote crime prevention.

    Major Accomplishments 2014:

    • In Atlantic City, relocated to Pop Lloyd Stadium and attracted 500 residents with a focus on youth activities.
    • In Pleasantville, attracted more than 600 residents by featuring a Christian Rap Group and several interactive youth activities.

    Major Goals for 2015:

    • Promote Project 365 abd intervention strategies in Atlantic City and Pleasantville to increase participation and produce positive results.
    • Collaborate with Richard Stockton College of NJ to provide year- round student programs in each school district.

      nightout bounce houseResidents enjoy fun, family activities during National Night Out

    • Engage community members in fun, open activities with law enforcement such as lunch or coffee with a cop, and homework with a cop.
    • Increase funding and support of events through partnerships with city officials including Mayor Don Gaurdian and Mayor Jesse Tweedle.
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